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 You are encouraged to choose a Kush Yoga session style or can be personalized.  
If you have any questions regarding sessions, use of THC or CBD send me a message.

Private Session Descriptions

A session designed with a mix of Yin and Restorative yoga.  Poses are supported with props and designed for anyone at any level.  Session includes breath work, meditation and guidance to release tension and clear the mind.  You will leave session feeling grounded and stress free.

A session designed to create balance in the body.  Beginning with creating heat and strength building with Yang movements using styles of Vinyasa Yoga.  Session will end with slowing down the body and mind using Yin Yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.

Balance energy by balancing your Chakras.  Each class focuses on one of the 7 Chakras, starting with The Root Chakra (Muladhara) ending with The Crown Chakra (Sahastrara).  Student(s) will learn how each Chakra correlates with different poses, colors,  and frequencies.  I have created playlists to help activate each specific Chakra and create balance in our beautiful energy system.

These sessions are similar to Kush Yoga Release & Reset with emphasis on our beautiful moon cycles.  When the moon is full and the tides are high its important to focus on grounding yourself, physically & energetically, releasing what no longer serves you.  When the sky is dark and the moon is new it's a key time to manifest your best self.  Session will include cleansing & manifestation rituals, crystals, oracle cards and guidance on moon energy frequencies.

Where are my Goddesses at?  

This Kush Yoga Goddess flow was designed to uplift and empower the divine feminine in each one of us.  This unique flow style combines intuitive movement (with light guidance), powerful affirmations, goddess oracle cards, crystals, smudging, manifestations & energy protection meditations.

This flow is my favorite to guide, it is playful, powerful and an opportunity to connect women in a positive space.

Group Classes Every Sunday In Ocean Beach

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