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Kush Yoga Goddess

Meet the creator and owner of Kush Yoga

Marcelle Romero.


Hello my kind loves!

Kush Yoga was developed with intention to reconnect with self, breath & spirit.  I enjoy helping people slow down, relax and reset.  My classes are similar to Yin or Restorative & focused around mindful movement, breath work, manifestation, moon cycles, self love & positive affirmations.


I have 500 hours of teacher training, as well as 50 hours of cannabis yoga teacher training.


I took a personality test recently and I must say it was pretty on the money.  It described me as an ambivert (neither intro/extroverted).  Ambiverts are open minded and adaptable to change, as well as intellectually curious, creative, unafraid to experiment while going out of my way to seek opportunities.

When I teach a class I want people to leave feeling more connected to themselves and those around them.  In a euphoric state of bliss and self love.  My classes are designed with a lot of thought and care in mind and I want Kush Yoga to be an experience beyond any other.

To find yourself in the KUSH YOGA UNIVERSE.

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